Simple Tips for Napa Wine Tasting

Napa Wine Tasting pic
Napa Wine Tasting

Dr. Antoine Chaya is an MBA and PhD graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Having lived and worked in and around San Francisco, Dr. Antoine Chaya is familiar with the wines of Napa Valley. When an oenophile ventures to Napa to taste its wines firsthand, these wine tasting tips will help make the experience pleasant and comprehensive.


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Antoine Chaya

With comprehensive expertise in information technology and finance, Antoine Chaya leads Strategic Accounts at Oracle Corporation as the division’s Senior Director. Responsible for the implementation of some of its most complex global projects, Antoine Chaya remains an invaluable company asset. Previously, Antoine Chaya acted as the Director of Consulting at Oracle Corporation. Antoine Chaya received his Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology Management and his Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Passionate about his discipline, Antoine Chaya taught in the College of Management at the Georgia Institute of Technology before transitioning to Oracle Corporation.

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