Oracle Corporate Giving: The Raspberry Pi Foundation

Antoine Chaya is a senior manager with an extensive background in information technology and team-building. Since 2006, Antoine Chaya has been a senior director of strategic accounts at Oracle in Redwood Shores, California.

As a worldwide leader in information technology applications, Oracle strives to ensure that children have the technological resources to excel in the computer sciences. To that end, Oracle has been a proud sponsor of the Raspberry Pi Foundation since 2014, providing children with low-cost pocket-sized computers to develop programming skills. Since entering production in 2011, the Raspberry Pi computer has since become one of the fastest-selling personal computers in the United Kingdom, offering a versatile and powerful platform for computer education at an affordable price point starting at $25.

Itself an example of the creative potential of computer technology, the Raspberry Pi computer has given rise to countless innovative applications both inside and outside the classroom. Most notably, the Raspberry Pi community came together this past Pi Day on March 14 to construct various devices, including a portable gaming system for online emulators, a makeshift cellphone, a high-tech mirror with local headlines and weather displays, and even a semi-autonomous quad-copter.